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The Avian Acres Story

Avian Acres Story

Although Avian Acres’ Wild Bird Supply officially began in 1993, founder Robert Thomas has always had a deep respect for his natural surroundings. His grandfather William piqued his interest in birds at age seven when he identified a White-Breasted Nuthatch for young Bobby as the "Upside-Down Bird." That spoken word like a seed sown, grew and ultimately matured into present day Avian Acres. Over the last fifty years Bob has researched, experimented, developed, refined and thoroughly enjoyed his lifelong avian passion. Attracting and caring for common as well as rare species is much of what Bob and Avian Acres is about.


Avian Acres is well known for an outstanding selection of quality birding products, including the freshest seed and custom mixes. This key component of Bob’s approach to attracting wild birds grew from what he learned early on, that there is a major difference in product quality from one source to another. He observed that birds just did not like that pretty, pre-packaged, commercial stuff, full of cheap fillers. So Bob sought out the bird’s favorite seeds and blended them into the freshest irresistible combinations that years later have a proven record.

Whether it’s the choicest food options, the top of the line squirrel proof feeder, or effective attraction techniques, Avian Acres strives to maintain that same basic approach with all we do. Our goal has always been to share our love for backyard birds and our passion is to serve people by sharing what we’ve learned about attracting birds from our personal experience and our customers!

Avian Acres was originally located in gorgeous southeastern Minnesota in a region of towering limestone bluffs, beautiful hardwood forests and numerous indigenous and migrating avian species. We hope you were able to visit us there and thank you! If you love birds, top notch service and the highest quality products we encourage you to put our products and services to the test.
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, we look forward to meeting and serving you!

Bob Thomas

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