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$10 off 15 pounds of our Best-selling Bobs’ Mix!

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To show our appreciation for our customer’s interest, loyalty and patience we’re offering a very special price on our best selling Bobs’ Mix. As many of you know this popular blend of favorite seeds attracts large numbers of colorful birds seemingly by magic. Bobs Mix is ideal for all seed eating birds and versatile enough to serve in many feeder formats.

(When ordering mention offer: WEB-15)

*Limit 1 offer per household please, plus shipping or delivery if applicable, not good with any other offer.

Quality Seed Promise

Avian Acres’ seed is truly top quality! Blended fresh weekly with favorites only, it performs above and beyond conventional pre-packaged products. Because we use only the best quality ingredients, its attractive, clean and fresh aroma will tempt both you and your birds. Plus, it’s true value will become apparent when they eat it all because it contains no fillers!

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Bob Thomas, Owner/Manager
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*30 lb. Custom Mixes

Bob’s Mix - For All Seed-eating Birds!

Carrolton Cardinal Mix - Their 5 Favorites!

Tweet Treat - Premium Oil Blend!

Exit Starling Mix - No Starlings here!

Root River Trail Mix - No Grow!

Squirrel & Jay Mix - Keep Them In Their Corner!

Dove & Junco Mix - Ground Feeding Favorites!

Scratch Mix - Basic Sparrow Food!

Woodpecker’s Delight - They Love This!

Fancy Nut Mix - Assorted Mixed Nuts!

Finch Mix - Excellent Small Bird Blend!

Finch Flocker - Best Selling Finch Blend!

Thistle & Chips - Year-round Favorite!

*50 lb. Basic Straight Seeds

Black Oiler Sunflower - Single Best Seed!

Striped Sunflower - Largest Sunflower Seed!

No. 2 Premium Sunflower - Whole-hulled & In-shell!

Select-hulled Sunflower - Whole-hulled & No Shells!

Sunflower Chips - Choose Medium or Fine!

Nyjer Thistle - Guaranteed Fresh!

Peanuts - Choose In-shell or Hulled!

Corn - Choose Cob, Whole or Cracked!

Safflower - Choose Original or Golden!

White Proso Millet - High Protein & Versatile!

*30# & 50# bags are pre-bagged,
however any size bags are available.

*Please call Bob at 651.249.4445
for current pricing.