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Think Spring

Expect to see the return of many colorful songbirds: Bluebirds, Orioles, Grosbeaks, Warblers, and more! Consider starting a journal by jotting down who, where, when and why. This can be a valuable future reference.


The Eastern Bluebird normally returns to the Upper Midwest in March. In recent years their numbers have increased substantially. Spring is the ideal time to attract them and is easier than you might expect.

Where? Bluebirds seek open areas with scattered trees. They prefer mowed or grazed grass for insect hunting from an elevated perch such as a fence post.

How? Start by providing an appropriate nesting box. Some popular designs include the Peterson, Hill Lake, NABS (North American Bluebird Society) and the Gilbertson PVC box. Mount it so the entrance hole (1-1/2″ diameter) is facing east/northeast at eye level. To help protect them from predators you may want to install an effective baffle.

Food? Mealworms are an irresistible treat for Bluebirds and may be essential for the young. Serve mealworms first near their box. If you want them to dine closer, simply move the feeder forward a little at a time-they will follow. You may even be able to hand feed them! A bird bath will provide the water they need. Adding a mister/dripper will help get their attention while minimizing bath maintenance.

Avian Acres can supply you with everything needed for being a successful bluebird landlord. Enjoy its many rewards!

Bob Thomas

This page features Bob’s advice for addressing various techniques, components, challenges and rewards to backyard feeding.

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